Padme Amidala

Padme Amidala

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Ref.: C130
Limited to 1500 copies
Size: 14,8"
Release date: October 2001
Provided with a certificate of authenticity
From film : Attack of the clones

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars Attakus universe and discover the statues of the Classic collection, on a scale of 1:5 !

Resin statue of Padme Amidala, as it appears in episode II of the series Star Wars 
(The Attack of Clones).

Collector numbered and limited to 1500 copies worldwide. Carved in France and hand painted. 
Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. 

Attakus historical collection, the Classic collection offers collection statues on a scale of 1 / 5th, 
about forty centimeters for the majority of characters. They are made of resin and painted by 

Other Star Wars miniatures by Attakus are available on this website !

This statue represents Padmé Amidala, former queen of Naboo, as seen in the last minutes 
of episode II, The Attack of the Clones. She is standing with a weapon in her hand. 
Her outfit is torn and she has marks of scratches in the back due to her fight in the arena.
We find this emblematic character of the saga, played on screen by Nathalie Portman,
in the 3 prequels: The Phantom Menace (Queen of Naboo), Attack of the Clones 
(Senator of her planet), and The Revenge of the Sith.


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