Jadina - les Legendaires

Jadina - les Legendaires

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Series : Les Légendaires
Release date : 10 march 2016
Made of : PVC
Size : 11 cm

The series, which dominates the sales, tells the adventures of a group of heroes in a medieval-fantastic world, after a catastrophe that brought the whole population back to childhood. 
Sobral, the creator of the Legendaries, is more than delighted with the 3D creations imagined by the talented sculptors of Attakus.

Jadina is the princess of Orchidia but also an excellent magician who uses the powers of her stick-eagle to help The Legendaries in their fights. 
She is among those who have suffered the most from the accident of Jovénia because since she was a child, she has had some difficulties to properly control her powers

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