The Fourreux "2nde Edition"

The Fourreux "2nde Edition"

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Réf. : M121
Limitée à 1500 ex, livré avec son certificat d'authenticité.
Taille : 8 cm
Figurine en métal

Strange pet following Pélisse wherever she goes, the Fourreux seems to confer strange powers to her.
His presence follows very closely Pelisse's destiny

The Quest for the Bird of Time is a cartoon series of heroic fantasy whose first release dates from 1983. 
The scenario is from Serge Le Tendre. 
Régis Loisel drew the four volumes of the first cycle. 
For the second cycle, Lidwine realized the volume 1, then Mohamed Aouamri the volume 2, Vincent Mallié the volumes 3 and 4 and finally David Etien the volume 5.

"The world of Akbar is in danger. Ramor, the cursed god, will soon be free from his conch where he is locked up. 
Princess-witch Mara deciphered the spellbook of the gods and found the incantation linking Ramor to his prison. 
But the incantation is long, very long. 
That's why she sends Pélisse, her daughter, in the company of the Knight Bragon, her former lover, in search of the bird of the time. 
This one has the power to block the time, which would leave all the latitude to the sorceress to finish her spell. 
Their quest will lead them to cross each of the seven steps of the country. "

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