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Resin bust of Faust Lachapelle, the billy goat, from the Blacksad comics by Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales.

  • Edition size of 1500 numbered pieces. 
  • Made of cold-cast resin.
  • Comes with its numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Sculpted in France and hand-painted
  • Size : 14,5 cm - 5,7" tall

Faust Lachapelle (a billy goat) is the owner of a prominent local record label in New Orleans. He's a failed musician who found success signing more talented yet less fortunate musicians. He is terminally ill, and is being treated by Ms. Gibraltar, a vodou priestess. 

In Silent HellBlacksad's 4th volume (Dark Horse Comics), John Blacksad and his right hand fox Weekly are hired by Faust Lachapelle, to find the most successful musician he ever signed, in the jumping, jazzy town of New Orleans. Sebastian "Little Hand" Fletcher has gone missing, and LaChapelle is concerned that his addiction to heroin has something to do with it. Blacksad and Weekly accept the case.

Except very quickly, of course, Blacksad starts to realise everything isn’t quite exactly how it seems. For a start there’s Thomas Lachapelle, the estranged son of the label owner, whose just a bit too friendly with the very heavily pregnant wife of the missing piano player, not to mention Ted Leeman, the loudmouth hippopotamus investigator, who old goat Lachapelle hired and then promptly fired before retaining Blacksad’s services.


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