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Ref.: C167
Limited to 555 copies
Size: 14.2" tall 
From the character of the movie "Renaissance"

Immerse yourself in the Attakus universe of Renaissance animated film and discover the statue 
of Inspector Karas !

Resin collector numbered and limited to 555 copies worldwide. 
Carved in France and hand painted. Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. 

Renaissance is a sci-fi thriller animated by France, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg, 
directed by Christian Volckman. The film is almost entirely black and white, and uses the 
technique of motion capture (capturing movements, gestures and facial expressions of real 
actors) to present characters modeled in 3D in black and white 2D rendering graphics 
without shades of gray.

The action takes place in Paris in 2054. The paths on the banks of the Seine are contained in 
glazed tunnels, huge lofts seem to float in the night. Ilona Tasuiev, a young scientist working for 
the all-powerful Avalon company, whose advertisings flood the city, is kidnapped by a stranger. 
Inspector Karas is responsible for finding her ...


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