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Ref.: C633
Limited to 450 copies
Size: 4,7" tall

Immerse yourself in the world of Guarnido and discover Sainte Ulphe !

Resin collector statue numbered and limited to 450 copies worldwide. 
Carved in France and painted by hand. Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. 

Attakus once again highlights the female characters of its favorite authors with this statuette 
inspired by an illustration by Juanjo Guarnido.


Juanjo Guarnido is a French cartoonist. He is the author of the famous BLACKSAD series 
(with Juan Diaz Canales).

"When I agreed to create for Amiens Métropole the drawing that was to close the prestigious 
series of illustrations on the theme" The Cathedral of Amiens: the colors of the world ", I did not
imagine that the experience was going to me. to offer, as a bonus, one of the most beautiful gifts
that an author can receive: a character.
During the guided tour of the Cathedral which was to be used to define my angle of approach 
for drawing, and while I was about to refuse to find a subject different from those already 
used by previous authors, a A marvelous canvas of the nineteenth drew me into a small side 
chapel, first by the beauty of its colors and composition. And then Xavier Bailly, my exceptional 
guide, explained to me the legend of Saint Ulphe, the young hermit who had imposed silence on 
the frogs who, preventing him from sleeping, had made him miss the mastiffs ...
This was the immediate favorite. There was in the anecdote almost (or frankly) comic, in this 
personal relationship of the man-woman-God to the animal, which is not unlike Saint Francis of 
Assisi, in the sweetness and the tenderness (despite the punishment) of Ulphe's gesture on 
the painting, of the material to be exploited. At least I felt the vibration. The drawing, in which 
Picon blue dressed in pin-up, made a shiver of multicolored exotic tree-frogs, followed almost 
on his own.
I later had the desire to take the character, with the excuse of an ex-libris in the context of 
meetings of the comic strip of Amiens. This illustration inspired the statuette. But Ulphe 
continues to talk to me and inspire me. A comic book on Sainte Ulphe? Maybe someday…"
Juanjo G.


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