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Réf. : C738
Author : Laurent Vicomte
Limited to 555 ex.
Size : 20 cm

Immerse yourself in the world of comics and discover Sasmira !

Collector's resin statue numbered and limited to 555 copies worldwide. Carved in France, and hand painted. 
Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. Size: 20 cm

Attakus once again highlights the female characters of its favorite authors with this statuette inspired by the Sasmira 
series by Laurent Vicomte, representing the heroine seated and wearing a red dress, the face partially masked by 
his fan.


Sasmira is a French fantasy cartoon series directed by Laurent Vicomte.
Stanislas, said Stan, a young classical musician, isolates himself in alcohol and silence to the chagrin of his companion,
Bertille, nurse and amateur photographer. Stan is obsessed with a memory: an unknown old woman, homeless, 
who died in her arms by calling her by her first name and handing her a ring, an Egyptian sacred scarab. 
Answering his strange petition, Stan embarks on a strange trip back to the past, accompanied by Bertille, 
in the footsteps of the mysterious Sasmira.



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