Navis and Houyo

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Ref.: C769
Limited to 1500 copies
Size: 8,3 x 5,1 x 3,1 cm (width x height x lenght)

Dive into the world of the comic strip Sillage and discover Nävis and Houyo on the tree !

Resin collector statue numbered and limited to 1500 copies worldwide. Carved in France, and hand painted. 
Delivered with its Attakus certificate of authenticity. 

Attakus once again puts forward the female characters of its favorite authors with this statuette inspired by the series
Sillage by Philippe Buchet and JD Morvan, representing the child heroine napping on his branch with his friend 
Tigrours Houyo.

Sillage is a French science fiction comic book series created and produced by screenwriter Jean-David Morvan and 
cartoonist and colorist Philippe Buchet. The series has so far 19 albums. Two out-of-print albums have appeared and 
three derived series have emerged: The Chronicles of Sillage, Nävis and Sillage - First Weapons.

Wake is the name of convoys of spaceships traveling in the universe in search of planets to colonize. In particular, 
we follow the adventures of Nävis, the only human on board one of these convoys, desperately seeking others of 
his own kind.
The planet she has been living on since her birth, raised by a nurse robot and a tigress, is colonized by Sillage and 
Nävis is forced to join the convoy. She becomes one of the best agents of the council of Wake, the Constituent. 
But his human faults and his youth also make him and especially a free electron. We are therefore witnessing the 
arrival of albums in the world of adults, his difficulty in confronting the reality and cynicism of the world around him 
and his quest to understand his origins.


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