Les Vieux Fourneaux collector's box

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Ref: C797

Box of 3 characters: Pierrot, Mimile and Antoine

Material: porcelain resin

Authors: Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet

Size: Pierrot: 12.5 cm, Mimile: 10.5 cm, Antoine: 11.5 cm

600 copies
As the end of the year holidays approach, Attakus offers you a prestigious gift to offer to all fans of this 
fascinating saga: the collector's box set of the 3 heroes of the series, in a limited edition of only 600!

Each numbered box comes with its certificate of authenticity signed by the 2 authors, Lupano and Cauuet !!

The 3 hand-painted resin statuettes, by Pierrot, Émile and Antoine, offer a quality of details and 
finishes that will delight the most demanding collectors. Their energetic poses create a seynette faithful 
to the spirit of the comic strip, revealing the sassy personalities of the 3 friends.

Les Vieux Fourneaux: the event series!

Landed in 2014, this successful series, which has exceeded one million copies sold, has become in 6 
volumes (volume 6 appears on November 6, 2020) a must to have in your library.

It tells the story of three septuagenarians, friends since their earliest childhood: Antoine, Émile and Pierrot.
Everyone has followed their own path, everyone has made their choices, everyone has founded (or not) 
a family. Aftermath, memories, fragments of (almost) past lives. However, these three have some great 
things to experience, and a solid friendship that sticks to the body.

Les Vieux Fourneaux, through incessant back and forth between the fifties and the 2010s, tells a tragicomic 
story of our time, its social, political and cultural upheavals, its periods of crisis.


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