Navis warrior 1/6e

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Ref. : C799
Price: 210 €
Edition: 499 ex. Certificates numbered and signed by Philippe Buchet.

Character height (Base included): 28 cm / 11 "Tall

Material: porcelain resin

Wake is a science-fiction epic, and revolves Navis (or also Navee), a young human female who was shipwrecked and orphaned on an alien planet. She was raised from infancy by the ship's robots and has never met another human being. The series uses Navee as an outside viewer of the Wake convoy as she adjusts to life in this alien civilization.
Wake up to the sight of this hot warrior! From the end of September, meet Nävis, from the French comic book series Sillage (created by Jean-David Morvan and Philippe Buchet), translated into English under the title of Wake. See the fighting side of warrior, as Navis stands with her sword and shield.

This beautifully detailed cold-cast resin statue of the warrior measures approximately 11" tall (28 cm base included). It includes a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Buchet and comes packaged in a closed box. Limited edition of only 499 pieces worldwide! 

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