His majesty of the bears - volume 1 - the columns of Garuda

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Title: "His majesty of the bears", Volume 1: The columns of Garuda

Authors: Didier Cassegrain, Dobbs, Olivier Vatine

Edition: Comix Buro

56 pages album


Here is our fall favorite to read urgently, The Columns of Garuda, the 1st volume of the series Sa Majesté 
des Ours, by Cassegrain, Dobbs and Vatine, at Comix Buro Editions !!

In the kingdom of animals, power bears its mark ...

Since time immemorial, in the kingdom of Holmgaard, beasts and animals of all kinds have lived far 
from the world of men. Here, the current ruler, the Bear King Von Noord, reigns as an enlightened lord. 
But that balance is about to be upset the day Ifrit, a young human, is found stranded on the coast, 
claiming to have returned from the realm of the dead. Could he be the herald of the ancient prophecy 
that predicted the fall of the animal kingdom? For Von Noord, the hour is serious, especially as he ignores 
that, behind his back, other dark schemes are at work ...


After the explosive thriller Hit the Road, and the historical episodes of Rendez-vous avec X 
(Diên Biên Phu and La Baie des cochons) published by Comix Buro, Dobbs joins forces this time 
with the talented Didier Cassegrain and Olivier Vatine to train us in a great heroic fantasy adventure 
resembling an animal odyssey.

From the first page, the reader is caught by the luminous atmosphere of the morning scorching heat 
of the kingdom of Valencyre. The decor arises, grandiose, bewitching, mysterious. With the discovery 
of the human child, harmony is broken. The plot takes shape. Danger threatens. The pace of the story 
accelerates. The great Adventure is preparing.
Didier Cassegrain's drawing perfectly matches Dobbs' breathtaking scenario and Vatine's efficient 
storyboard. If Cassegrain particularly enjoys drawing humans and animals, he also excels at creating 
grandiose settings and landscapes, each more fabulous than the next. Its contours surrounded by black 
bring precision and depth to the story. His fluid and graceful semi-realistic line, halfway between 
orientalist painting and the world of Frazetta, delicately embarks the reader on a fantastic journey through 
a sea populated by Homeric mermaids and other frightening sea creatures.

The sumptuous work on light, magnified by direct color, shapes an enchanting atmosphere, 
sometimes dreamlike, sometimes disturbing, which accompanies the discovery of this magical world. 
Script and drawing combine to capture the reader in this great heroic fantasy adventure between land 
and sea. The alchemy works wonderfully and makes you want to discover volume 2 to know the destiny 
of this motley crew, and the future of the Bear Kingdom.

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