Les Littles - Porte clef Perroquet

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Serie : Les Littles
Parution officielle : 18 octobre 2017
Matière : PVC
Taille : 4,5 cm

Lovers of sweetness and poetry will find the perfect gift, in this collection from a universe full of tenderness, created and illustrated with talent by Alberto Varanda.

The first 3 models available figurines and keychains: 
Little Parrot, Little Turtle and Little Polar Bear. 
The other characters (Little Bee, Little Koala and Little Chenille) will follow their comrades in 2020.

The world of "Animal Littles" also exists in the form of laminated frames (6 small models & 3 large models), postcards (13 different models forming a fairy and infinite frieze), 
posters 30 x 40 cm (3 models), and large 18 x 24 cm cards (6 models)

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